Somali Politics:A little hope and uncertainty

ahmed-abdi-hassan-ashrafIt is four years since the current government was set up and its legitimacy is almost over so, people are asking when they will get a real government which can pave the way for the changes that people want.

Somali people experienced different “so called government” with no progress to tell starting from Transitional national government established in Arta Djibouti, Transitional Federal government established in Embagathi Kenya, and the current Federal Government established in Mogadishu.

What we have been witnessing is a long standing wrangle between clans, regional administrators and politicians that had caused disappointment across Somali people.

For the reason above, uncertainty lays in civilian’s mind and for the result of that uncertainty , Somali young generations who were expected to be the cornerstone of the country’s development are eager to immigrate to where ever they can survive or any directions they think is simple for them. Among those died in seas, many others are in jails.

Not only the ordinary civilians want to go abroad for the search of better life but also the presidential candidates are telling people to immigrate if current president returns.

The result of intolerable rising poverty, lack of health service, lack of quality education, endless and broken promises from poorly elected presidents is what we mostly witness. The young generations do not think there will find a better future unless opportunists stop ruling our country.

People are asking themselves who is the most suitable presidential candidate that can eliminate and tackle mentioned problems. According to the past, the recent presidential candidates lost faith in the hearts of Somalis since they were once came to power in illegal way through bribing and corruption as Somali proverb says “an illegal camel does not get birth a legal one”

If we act according to our religion and follow the righteous path of our prophet, all crises and dilemma we are witnessing will be gone I am totally confident that our country will get better if corruptions and bribes are wiped out.

There is increasing desire that we see at the present moment among our people which is rooting out the corruption from our country, the forth coming leaders must come up with a new strategies that can create a new atmosphere that our people can rely on .

What we hear from the media; the so called politicians’ speeches, the self-interested leaders tempt us to feel there is a little hope.

Whenever a new term is going to emerge, Somali people feel uncertainty about their future. However some people hope they will find good ones compared to the current leaders. On the other hand, some people worry about the vacuum that occurs in election period.

Jobs are now scarce and there are no imminent opportunities that can be seen, although most of our people don’t remember the worst of their time, however, Somali people like and hope to go forward instead of backward; this desire for improvement gives us energy to come up with hope instead of desperation.

Whatever bad moment occurs to us is attributed to our sins and the devil. Allah’s Mercy is always expected as revolutionary transformation, the change may not come in one moment but moving steadily and doing progress on the way to the end so we always need hope.

Do we exactly know what will happen? Do we know who will be our forthcoming president; do we know what our country will be for the upcoming years? I think the answers to these questions are uncertain and that is why our economy is down and our hope is diminishing.

We are in between a little hope and uncertainty but the destiny is from Allah, things may come better and our country may become prosperous one.
Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Ashraf)

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