De-Somalization of Somalia

somalia-1Disintegrating Somalia into smaller pieces of governments has been a current, dominant theme. Dividing Somalia into small states will not serve the interest of Somalis but the neighbouring nations, which will greatly benefit manipulating leaders of the smaller states in order to reach their own interests. The smaller states will be ready to succumb to neighbouring countries hegemony.

Dividing Somalia into smaller pieces of governments suffers from ambiguity and incoherence, as there is no nothing differentiates Somalis from one another, Nationality, religion, geography, skin colour, language.

The division exposes the risky of tribal war and land grab as there is no identifiable/recognized border between the regional governments. The risk of one regional government expanding its border to another is inevitable, thus will foster new conflicts between the regional governments. As result, our nation will creep toward a place where compromise would no longer postpone the problems created by division.

In the name of nation building one is not to create deeper conflict and harm to the same nation. We need to build a nation that interacts peacefully-in families, in friendships, and in commerce. Should dividing our nations succeed, we will become a nation polarized by specific regional identities. Thus we will not serve and protect our national identity.

De-Somalization of Somalia
The arrangements (or lack of it) that are now in place and agreements (or disagreements) that are being negotiated, among the parties, are only designed for the coming federal elections, but are not aimed as a solution to our political, economic, environmental and social problems. Imagine when it comes to taxations and natural resource sharing, marking borders, defence, environment, policing and other topics.

Building one state (Somalia) that have clear goals to serve our people today and in the future is necessary. We should not give up Somalia as we knew it.

Mohamed Abdirahman Sheikh

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